Monday, December 14, 2009

Will Kraft Swallow British chocolate Maker Cadbury.

Hanan Bahri.



Smith,A (9/07/2009). .Will Kraft Swallow British chocolate Maker Cadbury.


Kraft wants to bay share from Cadbury which is worth 50$billion a year but Kraft make bid of 16$billion the company did not except the offer. Even Though Kraft is one of the biggest companies in food market in the other hand Cadbury had sprat around quarter of the word in a short time .Kraft make the offer in august about the people knew about it in sep7th, the cad bury thinks that Kraft wasn’t fire with the offer that Kraft mad the Cadbury waiting for another offer that is better than the first one, some other company’s may make a better offer.


It a is a smart move from Kraft company since it a large company with a good reputation it will make the product more popular in the food market and it well add more Success

to the company .I don’t think that it was a fair offer since the company worth more and it may make the company upset but I think that Kraft will make a better offer .

Muslim Americans Still Struggle for Acceptance

Hanan Bahri



Sullivan,A. Poll: “Muslim Americans Still Struggle for Acceptance”.,8599,1921298,00.html


According to Sullivan article “Muslim Americans Still Struggle For Acceptance” the attacks on 9/11 still effecting Islam image in America especially Muslims American women it became hard for them to practicing the religion such as wearing hijab .However the president point out the deferent between Muslims and terrorist . the author mention that people thought that Islam encourages violence but year later the Iraq ware start witch change people idea about Islam. Furthermore, 44%of American where more open about convert to Islam .wearing hijab become an issue for Muslim women they can’t work in any place or have a driver license, and in some schools it is forbidden to wear hijab . 52%of people who know any Muslim they seemed to be more understanding for the religion than those who haven’t mat any Muslims. The authors tell us about what Muslims women hop from the society and they want the people to be more respected and understanding. Even though, in Amerce it is still better than Franc and Ital.


As Muslim girl I fell sad about this because I understand my religion and it the most peaceful religion it does not encourage violent .America known for “freedom” so I think treating people for what are they wearing or what they believe in it not right .if same one comet crime dose the hole world have to safer for his miss take .I had American friend that think that Muslims kills christen because they are Christian her teacher told her ,we don’t kill people because they have deferent religion believe we have streak roles about treating other people from deferent religion the Prophet Mohanad (peace be upon him )that we have to give the past we have to people even if they heart you or if they ware from deferent religions .in the other hand I put most of the blame on the media it gives a negative idea about Islam . I hope that every one read about Islam and understand the meaning of Islam before thy gauge Muslims.

the font war:IKEA fume over verdana

Hanan Bahri .


The Font War: IKEA Fans Fume over Verdana


Lisa Abend (8/28/09) .The Font War: IKEA Fans Fume over Verdana.,8599,1919127,00.html.


The IKEA fauns are mad because IKEA is trying to change the font of how they Wright the word IKEA by using vadene font, and they trying to convenes them not to use this font. IKEA thinks that the font is simple, looking typeface and modern. However, people think its plan ugly and the designer feel disappointed because IKEA was the symbol of designer and this was unexpected from IKEA.

Furthermore, they are saying that Microsoft invented this font to be written in the computer screen not to be used in a store singe. Finlay IKEA did not expect this reaction from the fauns.

3- Reaction:

IKEA is great company it should not affect her reputation, but in the other hand I agree with the fans and the desires’ they should not change the font for something worst but it should b e better. IKEA is a sample of a great designs and the font tell a lot about the company.